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A New Vision for Peace and Prosperity

Venture Peacebuilding leverages the intellect, passion, and experience of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and peacebuilders.  Together, we are growing an eco-system of people and companies focused on disrupting systems of violence, building peaceful and resilient communities, and reclaiming the $14 trillion of global GDP annually lost to conflict.

  • Phase I: Gathering Venture Peacebuilders (January 2018)

  • Phase II: Catalyzing Venture Peacebuilding (Feb-Apr 2018)

  • Phase III: Coalescing Venture Peacebuilding (May 2018)


Venture Peacebuilding Symposium

January 22-23, 2018

The American University
School of International Service
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20016

The Venture Peacebuilding Symposium promises to be one of the most important gatherings of its kind to align the interests of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and the professional peacebuilding sector. The two-day Venture Peacebuilding Symposium will open the doors and facilitate a global conversation where professionals from a variety of disciplines can delve into the “how” aspects of innovative investments in business ventures that promote peace and stability.

At IPSI, we do “conferences” differently.  Join us at the Venture Peacebuilding Symposium, and come prepared for fast-paced presentations, structured networking, interactive workshops, open space methodologies for collaboration, a high-powered attendee list, and a strong focus on tangible outcomes and outputs. We mean business (and peace)!

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Jennifer AndersonSenior Program Officer, Center for International Private Enterprise

Cameron M. ChisholmVice President, Creative Learning; Founder, IPSI

Stone Conroy – Senior Advisor, Venture Peacebuilding, IPSI

Dr. Johanna Mendelson Forman – Senior Advisor, Stimson Center

Bulbul Gupta – Founder & CEO, Mighty Girl Ventures

Bee HealProgram Manager, C5 Accelerate

Jennifer Holt – CEO, Building Markets

Sheldon Himelfarb – President & CEO, PeaceTech Lab

Shamil Idriss – CEO, Search for Common Ground

Steve Killelea – Founder & Executive Chairman, Institute for Economics and Peace

Fred Krawchuck – CEO, Pathfinder Consulting Group

Laurie Lane-Zucker – Founder & CEO, Impact Entrepreneur Center

Maud Obe – Director for Programs, Aid to Artisans

Gary Milante – Director of Peace & Development Programme, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Jennifer Oetzel – Professor, International Business, American University’s Kogod School of Business

Rebeen Pasha – Founder & CEO, StartUp Middle East

Nancy Payne – Vice President, PeaceTech Lab

Rabbi Joshua Ratner – Director of Advocacy, Jlens Impact Investor Network

Tim Receveur – Director of PeaceTech Exchanges, PeaceTech Lab

Chris Walker – Director of the Social Venture Fund, Mercy Corps

Johannes Schreuder – Policy Manager, UN Peacebuilding Support Office

Adam Ziv & Alaa Switat – Co-Founders, Buza Ice Cream

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Trusted Partners

We would like to thank all the intrepid individuals and groups that sponsor this initiative. You are the pioneer Venture Peacebuilders. 

There are numerous sponsorships available that will get your organization or product message out to all VP attendees, generate interest through visual impressions on site, or get your product, giveaway, marketing message or educational content in the hands of all Venture Peacebuilders.

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Catalyzing Venture Peacebuilding

From February – April 2018, Venture Peacebuilding will consist of three main focus areas:

  1. Roundtable Discussion Series: Follow-on high-level roundtables on the most pressing topics uncovered in the Symposium; priority spots will be offered to Venture Peacebuilding Symposium alumni, then opened to the general public.
  2. Dedicated Training for Peace Entrepreneurs: DC-based dedicated intensive practitioner short courses and coaching for peace entrepreneurs.
  3. Collaborative Cloud: Online platform connecting Venture Peacebuilding-vetted incubators and entrepreneurs for mentoring, networking, and cross pollination.

Coalescing Venture Peacebuilding

In May 2018, the Venture Peacebuilding initiative will culminate in a pitch competition with selected investors who have participated in catalyzing Venture Peacebuilding. Through the cloud platform of incubators and entrepreneurs, invited investors search for ideas in which they wish to invest.


Violence cost 12.6% of global GDP in 2016


Violence accounts for 37% of GDP in the ten least peaceful countries


Violence accounts for 3% of GDP in the ten most peaceful countries


Since 2008, 52% of countries report a deterioration in peacefulness equaling a global deterioration of 2%