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A New Vision for Peace and Prosperity

Venture Peacebuilding leverages the intellect, passion, and experience of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and peacebuilders.  Together, we are growing an eco-system of people and companies focused on disrupting systems of violence, building peaceful and resilient communities, and reclaiming the $14 trillion of global GDP annually lost to conflict.

The Venture Peacebuilding Initiative launched in January 2018 with the Venture Peacebuilding Symposium, which led to the VP Executive Report and the Online Collaboration Network of Venture Peacebuilders.

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Venture Peacebuilding is an initiative of:

Venture Peacebuilding: A Year In Review

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What’s Next?

We will:

  • Grow the network of passionate peacebuilders, entrepreneurs, impact investors, and others launched at the Venture Peacebuilding Symposium.

  • Design the initial training suite and the first version of peace investment impact metrics.

  • Define the parameters for peace ventures to be certified as “Venture Peacebuilding” initiatives to ensure visibility and quality control.

  • Build partnerships with like-minded institutions and companies to host events and workshops around the world.

  • Share resources, contacts, and findings across the Venture Peacebuilding network.

Join us at VP Colombia

May 15-18, 2019
Bogotá, Colombia

This intensive 4-day workshop will offer practical tools for business men/women and companies that wish to enter or expand into territories affected by the armed conflict in Colombia, helping to answer the questions:

  • How do I achieve profitable alliances for my company in territories affected by the armed conflict?
  • How do I build peace into business plans? Why does peace protect my bottom line?
  • How do I improve my company’s relations with diverse stakeholders?
  • How do I manage difficult conversations through dialogue?
  • How do I take advantage of innovative finance instruments to help grow my company?

This selective training is sponsored by Rotary International and ACDI-VOCA, with special support from USAID.  

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Recent Events

This webinar explored current and potential applications of innovative financing mechanisms in fragile contexts. The webinar began with an introduction to innovative finance by innovative finance expert Elina Sarkisova, who provided an overview of what innovative finance mechanisms are and how they work; how they have been or could be applied; and what roles NGOs have played, or could play, in the use of innovative finance mechanisms. Following the overview of innovative finance, several presenters shared case studies of the work they are doing at their respective organizations, including some of the challenges and lessons learned. Grant Gordon, Director of Innovation Strategy, Airbel Center, International Rescue Committee [starts at 31:10] Rabih Yazbeck, Programme Director, Near East Foundation UK [starts at 48:58] Rob Tashima, Director of Innovations, Village Capital [starts at 1:01:17]

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We would like to thank all the intrepid individuals and groups that sponsor this initiative. You are the pioneer Venture Peacebuilders. 

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