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The Venture Peacebuilding Symposium

January 22-23, 2018
The American University

The Venture Peacebuilding Symposium proved to be one of the most important gatherings of its kind to align the interests of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and the professional peacebuilding sector. The two-day gathering opened the doors to facilitate a global conversation where professionals from a variety of disciplines delved into the “how” aspects of innovative investments in business ventures that promote peace and stability. You can watch most of the content by visiting the VP Resource Library, where you’ll also find resources to get you up-to-speed on Venture Peacebuilding.

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From the Symposium, CL-IPSI launched an online VP Networking site where global Venture Peacebuilders can connect. By joining this free online community, you will have access to resources, experts, jobs, services, and potential collaborative partners.

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What’s Next for Venture Peacebuilding?

Collaboration among those interested to build peace is vital to solving the global needs of our time. Venture Peacebuilding should be part of those efforts. Over the next year and beyond, the Venture Peacebuilding Initiative will:

  • Grow the network of passionate peacebuilders, entrepreneurs, impact investors, and others launched at the Venture Peacebuilding

  • Design the initial training suite and the first version of peace investment impact metrics.

  • Define the parameters for peace ventures to be certified as “Venture Peacebuilding” initiatives to ensure visibility and quality

  • Build partnerships with like-minded institutions and companies to host events and workshops around the world.

  • Share resources, contacts, and findings across the Venture Peacebuilding network.


Jennifer AndersonSenior Program Officer, Center for International Private Enterprise

Levi BenkertCo-Founder, Verdant Frontiers

Cameron M. ChisholmVice President, Creative Learning; Founder, IPSI

Stone Conroy – Senior Advisor, Venture Peacebuilding, IPSI

Sarah Cechvala – Senior Program Manager, CDA Collaborative Learning Projects

Hanne Dalmut – Director of Partnership Development, Concordia

Dr. Johanna Mendelson Forman – Senior Advisor, Stimson Center

Bulbul Gupta – Founder & CEO, Mighty Girl Ventures

Bee Heal – Program Manager, C5 Accelerate

Paul Heidebrecht – Director, Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement

Sheldon Himelfarb – President & CEO, PeaceTech Lab

Jennifer Holt – CEO, Building Markets

Shamil Idriss – CEO, Search for Common Ground

Amirah JiwaSocial Impact Strategist, Away and Peace Direct

Steve Killelea – Founder & Executive Chairman, Institute for Economics and Peace

Fred Krawchuck – Senior Fellow, One Earth Future Foundation

Laurie Lane-Zucker – Founder & CEO, Impact Entrepreneur Center

Eric Letsinger – CEO, Quantified Ventures

Michelle McMahon Legal Counsel, Innovest Advisory

Bridget Moix – U.S. Senior Representative, Peace Direct

Adam Motiwala Director of Federal Practice, Fifth Tribe

Maud Obe – Director for Programs, Aid to Artisans

Jennifer Oetzel – Professor, International Business, American University’s Kogod School of Business

Daniel Owen – Program Manager, Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program, World Bank

Jonathan Papoulidis Executive Advisor on Fragile States, World Vision

Rebeen Pasha – Founder & CEO, StartUp Middle East

Rabbi Joshua Ratner – Director of Advocacy, Jlens Impact Investor Network

Tim Receveur – Director of PeaceTech Exchanges, PeaceTech Lab

Julia Roig – President, PartnersGlobal

Russ Rosenzweig – Founder and CEO, World Ventures Group

Johannes Schreuder – Policy Manager, UN Peacebuilding Support Office

Leimer Tejeda – Manager of Peace and Humanitarian Affairs, United Nations Global Compact

Sif Thorgeirsson – Ambassador to the U.S., PeaceStartup

Karen Volker – Director of Strategic & International Partnerships, Cure Violence

Chris Walker – Director of the Social Venture Fund, Mercy Corps

Quintan Wiktorowicz – Co-founder, Affinis Labs

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Trusted Partners

We would like to thank all the intrepid individuals and groups that sponsor this initiative. You are the pioneer Venture Peacebuilders.